Saturday, June 11, 2011

To Begin

Back and forth. That is about the best way to sum up the way things go for me.   I have a strange habit of starting something with this furious motivation and moving passion of will and determination, then it all just stops. Not much of a transition, just an abrupt end to a quick take off.

That is why I'm starting this Blog now.  To truly test myself in starting a new way of sticking on to things.  Even if this is a small fashion of starting a new habit, I'm just thankful to get going on something.

in the beginning...

There is a certain thing about writing that is so captivating because no matter who you are, as you write (whether it's by choice or not) your truest thoughts can be put down in a somewhat organized design and you get to see into the purest parts of that person.

With this Blog, I hope to respond to my daily life in a bit of a controlled manner.  I tend to run myself on a very unstructured coarse that tend to leave me with a very restless way of being.
So lets see how this goes.

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