Monday, June 20, 2011

There is More

~Searching for freedom in this unshackled state nothing seems clear with this second hand sin choking  my lungs

         I'm trying to find a place where my heart and mind could coincide and feel a general peace around day by day.  How can I see what God needs me to do when it is so hard to open my eyes after being so accustom to being blind?  My childish and untrained hands are still feeling along the walls looking for all the answers alone.  I've never felt so completely surrounded while understanding just how alone I am.

Determination is my fuel, but this rebellion stronghold is breaking. Instead of being so determined on going against the grain I need to search harder to walk along but still on my own path.

Help me find more to this story than just how detailed the prologue is... I'm chapters away from a climax with an unknown end. These are the nights of fear that hold me where I am.

Take my hand and show me that there is more to what I see and reassure me that each step brings a new moment to find out what You want for me.

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