Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blind Sight

 Here I am. Giving it all again.
   And again, it is still not where
            I need to put my priorities.


        What is it about love that makes us utterly blind?  It's not as if we can't see the other person and what they do but more as if we would rather stare at every crack in the sidewalk instead of the dump truck that flying off the road straight at us. .

        Silently, I remain a calm person.  As every bone aches with the burning passion to break and twist in a way that no one would ever except.  The only way I can come to terms with the process of my mind is to put all the artistic explosions into one place.  Unfortunately, it tends to come in the color of love.

I say unfortunately because it always takes another to make me feel like one. .

If I happened to be the bystander in my own life I would've interrupted myself long ago and pointed to every road I should have taken. There is a reason I am where I am today and I believe it is because of every right OR wrong road I took along the way.

     Have you ever been in your house alone and the lights go off, or maybe you wake up in the middle of the night to get a drink and you walk down that hallway... the hallway that you walk down hundreds of times in a day but then... in the dark, it all changes.  The corners are closer, the walls seem farther and that picture had never been there before, had it!?

    Love is that hallway we walk down hundreds of times and believe we know it so well.
        Then we become blind and lose our way along with ourselves.

There is always one thing that helps this situation

                                              Finding the light switch.

There is more to see
if you take the chance

            The more that you take your time through those dark hallways you will eventually find what you where looking for but as your hand drifts across the walls, you are always hoping you come across that little piece of plastic because when you do ... BAM!  comfort, ease and certainty rushes over you.  You now know you'll be ok.  We can all find that light switch.  It's just a matter on how you want to look for it.  

I know I'm still looking for it.

All in all, as we grow blind again and again you can be sure to know that in fact, your lovely hallway is never changing . . this is just how you adjust to the light.


  1. Maybe we overlook the faults of a loved one simply because we DO love that person. In my experience, I was blind because I did not want to accept the truth, and in order to post-pone the pain of a break up..we go into a state of denial, and in turn become blind. I'll compare it to a tunnel. while you are in the tunnel, and you see the light at the end..It is truly beautiful, but keep in mind that you are surrounded by walls. you only see a fraction of that person, of the "light". I was in denial that there was anything beyond the tunnel's walls. After a lot of thought and reflection I realized that I did not want to see it, because the light that I first saw looked so beautiful.

  2. I dont know if this helped you, but I hope it did.