Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I stared back
Today I stood outside by the dormant Engineering Fountain where there were kids on a field trip to college playing tag and laughing with huge smiles of joy and happiness on their faces. 
At that same time, a hawk came and landed on the ground next to me. At first I thought maybe he was hunting in the bushes for a mouse or rat but then he walked closer. I didn't move a muscle. He let out a small call and then looked at the scene I had been staring at, the children. He looked back and cocked his head, comparing, as if to wonder why I wasn't running and laughing like the other human things. I stared back.

He flew to a tree and called again. Other birds danced out of branches and flew without intention, free in the air...free like the children. He found my gaze. He flew back down and looked up at me, closer than before. He called once more and jumped at me, I jumped back. Again. And again. His cry louder. Again. He jumped faster. I jumped again and again, until I felt something from behind. I spun around, and a little boy stumbled back ending his giggle and breathing hard. "You're it" he said with a huff. I looked him wide eyed for a moment then at the teachers and gave a smile with a wave, they nodded. The boy cried to the others "The big kid is playing too! He's it!!" My arm shot towards him and he jumped over the bushes laughing loudly, I jumped over after him but stopped. Turned around... The hawk was gone.

The freedom inside our magnificence lies within the child that we are. Like birds we fly through life. Love every moment you have

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